A new Secure Routing Algorithms in VANETs with ability to discover DoS Attacks

Mobile ad hoc wireless networks of independent components, each of which is managed by Themselves - they are in no particular shape is formed. Therefore, this type of network topology is dynamic and nodes - a moment that can be joined or separated. These networks in military, rescue, and research, to create a network where there is no fixed structure has many applications. The network has two important characteristics: the first is the lack of communication between components is proved to be temporary and the latter. In addition, each component of the network to send and receive information to other members of the current network plays an important role in conveying information from one source of each other as a destination have a role in the origin of the information or destinations into routers network be able to run. Among these networks can include networking between vehicles. In this network , the access to their propagation and interference or manipulation of these networks there. The Mechanism of this network is that each node after getting the package, it is control that what kind of is it or sent to its destination node or it is for another node [4].
If the destination is a node, it retrieves the data analysis and will take the necessary action This action may be due to the higher layer data network (application layer) or a change in your schedule and variable node And if he is not close to the destination, if it knows the destination of the packet and sends the packet otherwise it will be deleted.

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